How does it work?

1. Click here! Fill in your information!

2. We pick up your sweaty workout clothes from your favorite local studio or gym. You'll get a notification from us letting you know your clothes are on the way to be cleaned and your card will be charged.

3. We wash your clothes in Hex detergent, hang them to dry, and then fold them neatly into your permanent spncycl bag.

4. Three days later your clothes delivered back to your home studio!

First time users:

1. Sign up online and then pick up a first time spncycl bag at your gym or studio.  2. Write your name and email on the bag.  3. Throw in your sweaty clothes, seal the bag, and throw it in the hamper! Easy as 1-2-3!  After your first spncyl, use your permanent bag that will come tagged with your name and account number. Drop off at your convenience, we pick up and deliver every day!

You can leave one outfit at a time, or collect a bunch of them at home and do a weeks worth all at once! Either way, we will get your stuff back to you in 3 days. We promise.


Ask your favorite studio or gym if they are using our service. If they aren't, tell them to give us a ring, er, an email at We'll get them set up as a partner studio.